What do you do on a Saturday morning? Have a lay in? Recover from the excesses of the night before? Not if you’re a Caerphilly Tri-er!

At Caerphilly Tri-ers, Saturday morning’s are all about the #SaturdaySquad. The #SaturdaySquad sessions are designed to stretch your physical performance, take you through drills and technique work and build abilities in some of the other areas of triathlon.

#SaturdaySquad runs on three of every four Saturdays across the year

The sessions will usually cover bike on week one, run on week two and then a third session to mix things up whether that’s some transition work, physical testing, strength and conditioning or anything else we dream up! As with all our sessions they’re designed to ensure athletes of all abilities and levels of experience can take part and there will be full coaching at all sessions.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire #SaturdaySquad.

Still not convinced? See below what members have said about the #SaturdaySquad…

Rocky Balboa

Saturday Squad helped me prepare for my fight against Ivan Drago, I won and subsequently ended the cold war.

Rocky BalboaFormer Pro Heavyweight Boxer
Luke Skywalker

Without the help and support of #SaturdaySquad, I’d never have blown up the first Death Star

Luke SkywalkerHumble farm boy turned Jedi Knight